Malaysia’s oldest rubber tree is now 146 years old

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Previously, we highlighted a rubber tree in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia. It was the surviving tree among 22 rubber seedlings brought from England. In 1877, a total of 22 rubber seedlings were brought into the country from Kew Gardens, England. Of the 22 seedlings, nine were sown in Kuala Kangsar. This is the only surviving […]

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Basic: What is a NFT?

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Recently, the media has seemed to catch on the new invention—NFTs. NFT is a unique, non-interchangeable digital asset basked by blockchain ledger technology. Non fungible characteristic of these tokens or assets refers to the unique and non-replicable nature of this digital-crypto assets, compared to, for example a Bitcoin or a US$1 bill, where each unit […]