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Asia Rising in GDP

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PWC, the global auditing company, regularly issued reports under the title, The World in 2050. The latest report, The World in 2020: The long-term view-How will the global economic order change by 2020? was published in February, 2017. The report showed some interesting highlights. Among the highlights are: Other than the usual countries of China, […]


The New Health Drink: Non-Alcoholic Beer

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We noted a new health drink in a recent article in The Times of London on December 29th, 2018. Non-alcoholic beer has become a health drink for fitness enthusiasts in Germany. The health benefits of beer are derived from the use of hops (hop flower) in making beer. The hops are what make beer taste […]

Jobs and Automation

The Skills Needed to Secure Future Jobs: Part II

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Changing Roles  The report highlighted examples of stable, new and redundant roles in all industries as shown below: Stable roles Managing Directors and Chief Executives General and Operation Managers Software and Applications Development and Analysts Data Analysts and Scientists Sales and Marketing Professionals Sales Representatives Human Resource Specialists Financial and Investment Advisers Database and Network […]