ICO and Bitcoin

How the World is Waking Up to Initial Coin Offering

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This article is courtesy of Jagdish Pandya  and Shahin Noble Pilli, which was published in  Forbes India Marquee, March 2018. Summary The world held its breadth and witnessed in wonder , the most prominent among news-worthy stories, the rise of a Fintech innovation called ICO in 2017. In laymen’s  language-Initial Coin Offering. ICO implies crowdfunding […]

Tropical Bio-actives

Moringa Tree: Superfood Crop

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Today, we have an opportunity to discuss with Professor Sayed Azam Ali, CEO, Centre of Crops for the Future, located at University of Nottingham Malaysia. Among the topics of discussion were the impact of climate change on major crops in Malaysia, such as oil palm and rice. A higher variation of temperatures observed over a […]