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More impacts of AI in 2024

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Since last semester, I have asked my MBA students to write essays on a certain management topic using the ChatGPT. Several essays were excellent while most others were not interesting readings. Many students were able to submit excellent essays, despite their lack of proficiency in English.  ChatGPT was obviously helping students to write business reports […]

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Conversation about AI

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We note that with the rapid progression of AI comes a whole series of questions are being asked by people. In this blog, we have compiled  a series of questionnaires submitted by readers of the UKs’ newspaper, Telegraph, on September 18th, 2023. Concerns about AI range from how will it change the nature of work […]


Malaysia’s oldest rubber tree is now 146 years old

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Previously, we highlighted a rubber tree in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia. It was the surviving tree among 22 rubber seedlings brought from England. In 1877, a total of 22 rubber seedlings were brought into the country from Kew Gardens, England. Of the 22 seedlings, nine were sown in Kuala Kangsar. This is the only surviving […]